About UsChild & Family EyeCare Center was founded in 2006 by Dr. Robin Price. He and his wife, Amberlyn, started the practice together with the vision of helping patients through vision therapy. Dr. Price became the first board certified optometrist in vision development and vision therapy in the state of Utah.

Dr. Devin Duval and Dr. Mark Curtis joined the team in 2015. Dr. Duval manages the Provo office, and Dr. Curtis sees patients in Pleasant Grove with Dr. Price. Once you meet them, you will quickly understand why they were chosen to be part of our family — they are both wonderful!

At Child & Family EyeCare Center, each member of the team is dedicated to taking care of your most valuable sense – your sight. We go beyond simply checking for “20/20 vision.” Each comprehensive eye exam includes a check of how well your eyes focus, track, and eye team together in addition to the routine glasses, contacts and health checks!

Our doctors and staff have the experience, patience, and dedication needed to handle both your simple and complex vision needs.