Welcome To Child & Family EyeCare Center

At Child & Family EyeCare Center, we offer a full scope of optometric services to meet the needs of the entire family, from young children in their developmental years to the special health considerations of seniors.

While we provide care for patients of all ages, our doctors specialize in vision therapy and vision rehabilitation. Vision therapy is a series of activities and exercises prescribed to develop visual skills such as eye teaming, focusing, and tracking that cannot be treated with glasses, contact lenses, or surgery alone -- it's like physical therapy for your eyes and brain!

If you know a bright child who is struggling to read and learn or has difficulty remaining on task, we can help. Many children suspected of having dyslexia or attention deficit are really suffering from undiagnosed vision problems. The first step in helping your child is getting the right diagnosis.

Child & Family EyeCare Center now has two locations -- Pleasant Grove and Provo -- to better serve the needs of Utah County. We work together with doctors from throughout Utah Valley to provide vision therapy services for patients of all ages. Questions? Email Child & Family EyeCare Center.

Need an appointment? Call us at 801-492-6393 (Pleasant Grove) or 801-800-8508 (Provo).

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